Z-Ro - Walkin Hard (Chopped Not Slopped by Slim K)

Slim K & The Chopstars have been killing the game for a minute and if I am not mistaken was shown some love by Riff Raff in one of his most recent videos. Recently, Slim K has been dumping on boys this summer with tape after tape and this one is up there as a favorite of 2014.

Download: Slim K - Holdin’ Slab

(Check out Rae Sremmurd - No Flex Zone (Chopped Not Slopped) also)

Youtube = Copyrights?

Damn, half of my favorites are gone?

That’s three years of history…


J-Zone - Black Weirdo

Just peeped J-Zone’s “Peter Pan Syndrome”. Interesting to say the least, its everything you expect coming from someone that’s been in the game for years (I even had to do a background check).

He puts together a mixture of what Madlib would be doing on his off-time when he is not making music with Quasimoto and what musicians deal with on the regular (from other artist to females).

Very well.

Check it: Peter Pan Syndrome by J-Zone

Merry Christmas

And Happy New Years!

Le$ - Midnight Club (Gran Turismo)

Some smooth tunes to ride to once again by LE$.
Expected more of a E36 feel but, this is suitable to lump with the “Get High and Ride” music out there.
The beats once again stand out and the lyrics support it well enough to peak interest.
Check It Out.


Le$ - Cruise Control (Official Music Video)

Its been a minute but I’m waiting for the New Le$ tape to drop: Le$ - Gran Turismo.
Some smooth sounds coming out of Texas right now.
Be sure to check out his E36 tape (preferably the C&S version by Slim K & The Chopstars)


Reporting live from the Mid-West!

Went from sunshine and warm weather, to climbing through 2nd floor windows in the snow.

Something ridiculous…

Action Bronson Man & The Mirror

Anita Baker - Same Ole Love

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Before I Let Go



right in the childhood

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Ka - Peace Akhi

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